Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Watch And Learn

From the Dartmouth football office comes a mic'd up with defensive backs coach Sammy McCorkle:

The Roar Lions blog picks Dartmouth in sixth place, two slots below Columbia and ahead of only Brown  and Cornell. From the post:
Dartmouth has a good QB, a good potential backup QB in an Illinois transfer, and some great receivers. But the RB's are still unproven, (but apparently more talented than most know), and the defense is very young. The Big Green got snakebitten a few times last year and were better than their 1-6 Ivy record. But they're weren't a top four team then and aren't now. 
Last night's BGA Premium took a look at the Dartmouth offensive line. with O-line coach Keith Clark. Coverage of the preseason continues tonight after practice No. 7 of the camp.
That Certain Dartmouth '14 passed the 1,325-mile halfway mark on her Pacific Crest Trail hike on Aug. 14 and wrote about it HERE. I was particularly taken by how she ended the post:

We've been hiking for a long time.

We've had so many incredible experiences.

We've had so many challenging experiences.

Met so many people.

Feet hurt so bad.

Been so hungry I want to cry.

Been so happy I've started to cry.

Been way too hot.

Been freezing.

And we've hiked half of the trail.

I'm excited to see what kinds of experiences the north half will provide.

Little did she know what lay in store at that point. But after hiking through triple-digit desert temperatures and having to buy ice axes and wear micro-spikes in the snowy high Sierras, fires in northern California and particularly Oregon have forced her, reluctantly, to call an audible.

Although she was absolutely determined to hike straight through, fire, heavy smoke and trail closures have forced the hikers to do a "flip-flop" and jump ahead to the Oregon-Washington border. The current plan is to hike the Washington section to the Canadian border and then return to the Oregon border and, fingers crossed that the fires have subsided, hike south to Northern California where they were forced off the trail to complete the 2,650-mile journey.