Friday, September 29, 2017

Philly Bound

Before heading out the door in a few minutes for the long drive to Philadelphia, a few links . . .
The Daily Pennsylvanian writes about "backup" running back Karekin Brooks, who ran for 268 yards and three touchdowns for Penn last week. (LINK)

The DP also had a look at tonight's game between Penn and Dartmouth.  (LINK)

And The Dartmouth? Not so much . . .
The Yale Daily News has a story under the headline, Fordham is no pushover, but Dartmouth is the real test. The headline promises more than the story delivers regarding Dartmouth but it's worth a look.
The Valley News writes about Ky McKinney-Crudden's journey from walk-on to Dartmouth captain HERE.
The Quaker Meeting House blog gives a nod to former Dartmouth SID Kathy Slattery's traveling circus to away football games. Yours truly gets a mention near the top of the piece and again at the bottom (along with Mrs. BGA). Ah, the stories we could tell!

And yes, we'll be at the Penn State game tomorrow ;-)
And finally, a lot of you followed the adventures of That Certain Dartmouth '14 turned That PCT Thru-Hiker this summer. There's a Deadspin story about whether a "functioning paraplegic with lupus" actually finished the 2,650-mile trail during a summer in which . . .
After a sudden snowmelt at the start of July, streams were swollen, nearly impassable, and deadly, and even then the mountains were still unseasonably snowed in. Six people have died trying to finish the PCT this year, and another is missing and presumed dead. Hikers who made it out of the Sierras and into the Northwest were greeted by a host of wildfires ripping through Oregon and Washington throughout the late summer.
For what it's worth, That Certain Dartmouth '14, a collegiate distance runner, 12-letterwinner in high school, ranger at Yellowstone and experienced hiker made it through the desert, the Sierras and the High Sierras before the fire and smoke finally ended her hike (for now). She met a ton of people, including some mentioned in this piece, and heard a ton of stories, and this was the first she'd heard of this person.