Monday, October 30, 2017

Harvard Redux

Harvard has posted highlights from Saturday's game:

The Harvard Crimson story on the Dartmouth-Harvard game can be found HERE. The Harvard Magazine story is HERE and The Dartmouth story HERE.

The Valley News follows up on the press box incident HERE.
With two Ivy League losses Dartmouth will need to win its final three games and get a little help to claim a share of the conference championship. Only twice in Ivy history has a two-loss team won a share but in a topsy-turvy year there's a chance it could happen again. Yale has to face two teams with their backs against the wall while Columbia and Cornell each have one game against a team trying to stave of elimination in addition to playing each other.

Here are the games remaining for the contending teams:

Yale (3-1) – Brown, at Princeton, Harvard
Columbia (3-1) – Harvard, at Cornell, Brown
Cornell (3-1) – at Dartmouth, Columbia, at Penn

Dartmouth (2-2) – Cornell, at Brown (Fenway), Princeton
Harvard (2-2) – at Columbia, Penn, at Yale
Princeton (2-2) – at Penn, Yale, at Dartmouth
Sagarin COMBO Ratings (last week in parentheses)
112 - Yale (112)
129 - Columbia (104)
144 - Princeton (114)
146 - Dartmouth (122)
191 - Penn (188)
198 - Cornell (212)
200 - Harvard (213)
233 - Brown (241) 

212 - Holy Cross (185)
202 - Sacred Heart (202)
243 - Stetson (244)

(254 DI teams rated)