Saturday, October 28, 2017

Heading To Harvard

It's O-Dark-30 and we're on our way to Harvard with a stop in Warner, N.H., at a breakfast place that Mrs. BGA wants to try. I'm not really much of one for sit-down breakfasts but the deal with Mrs. BGA – who loves to check out new breakfast restaurants – is that she gets her breakfast on the way to the game and I sit in the back of the car writing for BGA Premium on the way back. ;-)
Before I head out the door, the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine has a Q&A with former Dartmouth defensive back Matt Burke '98, now the defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins. (LINK)

Burke told DAM:
“My lasting memory of Dartmouth football is having Princeton come from behind to tie us in the last game of my sophomore year season. That cost us a share of the Ivy title, but I believe it fueled our 10-0 season the next year. Sometimes you remember the painful moments as much as the good ones.”
And . . .
“In one locker room I used to organize a pool of sorts using players’ former colleges’ games. I’d include the Dartmouth game of the week and get crap like, ‘Bucknell has a football team?’ ”