Friday, October 20, 2017

One Day To Go

From the Dartmouth football office:

Don't know if this quick promotional video for the TV broadcast will work for you. If not, CLICK HERE.
The Dartmouth game notes have been posted HERE.

This list of the 10 previous times undefeated Ivy League teams have played this late in the season is taken from the Dartmouth game notes. I've dug up and plugged in the scores of the games:

1964 — Princeton (7-0) beat Yale (6-0-1), 35-14

1965 — Dartmouth (8-0) beat Princeton (8-0), 28-14
1968 — Harvard (5-0) beat Penn (5-0), 28-6

1968 — Harvard (8-0) and Yale (8-0) tied, 29-29

1970 — Dartmouth (5-0) beat Yale (5-0), 10-0

1993 — Penn (7-0) beat Princeton (7-0), 30-14

2001 — Harvard (8-0) beat Penn (8-0), 28-21

2004 — Harvard (8-0) beat Penn (8-0), 31-10

2006 — Princeton (5-0) beat Harvard (5-0), 31-28

2015 — Harvard (6-0) beat Dartmouth (6-0), 14-13
The Dartmouth has a one-on-one with senior nickel Ky McKinney-Crudden. (HERE). Conspicuously missing from the story: McKinney-Crudden walked on to the Dartmouth team and earned not just a starting role, but election by his teammates as a captain.
The local Valley News has a notes column in advance of Saturday's game. (LINK)
The Roar Lions blog makes the interesting point that maybe this game should be called the Rick Taylor Bowl. (LINK) The onetime Dartmouth assistant coach who went on to become head coach at Boston University and eventually athletic director at Northwestern was brought in as a consultant to the Dartmouth program when it was struggling and reprised that role for Columbia. Both, obviously, have gone on to make significant improvements.

Green Alert Take: Some of us were joking yesterday that Taylor's phone might be ringing off the hook after this one ;-)

Green Alert Take II: Taylor's football expertise has been on display not just in the Ivy League, but internationally. (LINK)