Sunday, October 22, 2017

Saturday Wrap

First, a few links . . .

Those of you who get the Eleven Network had a huge advantage over everyone at the Dartmouth-Columbia game because you saw exactly what happened in the controversial ending. The Valley News has this real-time quote about the bizarre finish from Eleven announcer Matt Goldstein HERE:
It took forever. It seemed like Heneghan was going to have time to spike the football and run one last play, but the official was looking around and couldn’t find exactly where to spot the football.”
The video showed Heneghan underhanding the ball to the umpire, who lost the handle, scrambled to pick the ball up, misplaced it by two yards and had the time expire before he set it at the 17.

Green Alert Take: Unless there was something the replay didn't show, expect a huge apology from the Ivy League office.

Green Alert Take II: That won't change anything.

Green Alert Take III: As much message board noise as the officials' end-game problem will generate, it's important to remember that there were no guarantees what would happen if Dartmouth had gotten the last snap off. A completion and another miracle win for Dartmouth? A Columbia breakup? We'll never know and that's a shame.
The Manchester Union Leader game story is HERE.
The Columbia Spectator has a story HERE.
The last play of the game can be seen HERE.

Green Alert Take: Even in this abbreviated clip you can feel the confusion.
Count the New York Daily News as the latest media outlet discovering what is happening at Columbia. The tabloid has a lengthy story headined, How Columbia football, a perennial loser, is rising from the ashes. Find the story HERE.
Elsewhere around the Ivy League . . .

Yale 24, Penn 19
The Bulldogs have to be really kicking themselves about letting the Dartmouth game get away. Penn is spiraling the wrong way.

Cornell 34, Brown  7
Talk about spiraling. Since falling at Stetson the Bears have lost their last two by a combined 87-7. Cornell is somehow in the logjam for second behind Columbia.

Princeton 52, Harvard 17
Safe to say the Tigers are playing the best football in the Ivy League right now. Harvard? Not.

And outside the league . . .

Colgate 45, Holy Cross 7
The coaching change didn't do anything for Holy Cross, whose five-game losing streak began with the overtime defeat in Hanover. Crusaders have been outscored the past two week, 79-7.

Sacred Heart 21, Robert Morris 14
Pioneers take a page out of Dartmouth's book with all 21 points in the final quarter.

Morehead State 29, Stetson 26
If a tree falls in the woods . . .