Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Highly (Ir)Regula(r)

After Darius George "intercepted" a desperation behind-the-back Princeton lateral on the final kickoff return and ran it into the end zone Saturday a loyal BGA reader speculated that it was probably the first Dartmouth touchdown on a Big Green kickoff since 1997.

Pretty good chance he was right.

The George TD was certainly unusual, but not as unusual as the last one, which came when kicker Dave Regula scored on his own kickoff in front of a crowd of 11,123 at Franklin Field on Sept. 20, 1997.

Regula, Dartmouth's all-time leader with 38 career field goals, had just booted a 23-yard field goal with 7:45 remaining in the second quarter to give the Big Green a 10-0 lead when things got crazy.

Here's a screen grab from the Sept. 29, 1997 Sports Illustrated Vault page explaining what happened:

From the "Whatever Happened To" department, Dave Regula '98 and his wife Lauren today run TrAk Athletics in West Akron, Ohio. Here's a picture from their website:

By all means read the "You'd Never Guess" entry below the sweet family picture on the TrAk website. Among other things, Dave writes of his wife, who happens to be the sister of a 2004 National League Rookie of the Year Jason Bay:
She’s met Derek Jeter and still married me
Reporting on players from its area in college football writes of Dartmouth linebacker Eric Meile:
Eric played in all 10 games for the Big Green, starting at MLB, and when you think of a tough North Jersey player….he’s it. He was second on the team in tackles with 90, had a pick, forced a fumble and had three and a half tackles for a loss. He is a senior, majoring in Government. Go help the country now Eric.
It was that blurb, by the way, that called to mind the Darius George/Dave Regula connection. The blurb included this:
(Dartmouth) scored 34 points in the fourth quarter, and 13 points in one second. How do you do that? You score on a running play with one second left, then intercept a lateral on the ensuing kickoff and score on that too (so with 00 on the clock).
A little inside baseball for you. Typing this post up brought me right back to 1997 because the exact same thing happened this morning that happened to me frequently in '97. Each time my head said to type Regula my fingers typed Regular.

Only one other name has consistently fooled my fingers since I've been covering Dartmouth football and that would be Vernon Harris. I'd guess half the time I started typing his name I would have to backspace because he really isn't Vermont Harris. I don't know if it ever made it into a story but it sure tried ;-)