Tuesday, November 21, 2017

One More

I must have trained you too well! My in-box has had no fewer than four emails from different folks letting me know that Dartmouth has another recruit Tweeting his intentions to come this way. (Don't let the duplication slow you down because the next time you might be the only one ;-)

Add to the Dartmouth recruit list Alex Schmidt, a 6-foot-3, 260-pound defensive end/defensive tackle from Peddie School via Pennridge High School and Perkasie, Pa.

Find his Tweet announcing his intentions HERE and his highlights HERE.
From the Dartmouth sports information office:
Dartmouth's Jared Gerbino parlayed his performance in the 54-44 victory over Princeton this past Saturday into numerous Player of the Week honors today from the Ivy League, College Sports Madness and the New England Football Writers Association as the Gold Helmet Award winner. In addition, STATS listed Gerbino as an honorable mention as the FCS National Offensive Player of the Week, and the College Football Performance Awards selected Gerbino as one of its three honorable mentions for its FCS National Performer of the Week.
Find the full release HERE.
Dartmouth quarterback Jack Heneghan gets a well-deserved nod in Palo Alto Online HERE.
The Ivy League has an outsized presence on the Minnesota Vikings as a Vikings.com story tells us HERE.
Columbia's Al Bagnoli is a finalist for the Eddie Robinson Award as the national coach of the year. (LINK)
Nothing like having your record-setting starting quarterback suspended before your NCAA playoff game. That's the Central Connecticut situation heading into Saturday's matchup with New Hampshire. (LINK)
Tucked into a Hartford Courant column last week under the headline, Harvard-Yale Rivalry Not Ending Anytime Soon were some interesting comments from Dr. Rich Diana, the former Yale and Miami Dolphins running back.

Diana was interviewed by Chicago Tribune editorial writer Steve Chapman, a Harvard grad who wrote this about Harvard and Yale continuing to play The Game in light of CTE findings:
"How can these two institutions rationalize a pastime so antithetical to the well-being of undergraduates and their own educational missions? It's the equivalent of the Mayo Clinic operating a tobacco shop on-site."
In the Courant story, Diana responded:
"I'm glad he doesn't speak for most of us. I think making statements like that, it's easy for pundits to say things and not really to have scientific backing.
And . . .
"The study that came out showed everybody's brain that was donated had CTE. That's like going to a cardiologist's office and finding out there is a lot of people there with heart disease. 
"You are preselecting for pathology. You can't look at the people who have symptoms unless everybody has symptoms. You have to look at the number of people who play and the number of people who are affected before you start making judgments like removing football from the fabric of America. Maybe (Chapman) turns out to be right, but at this point it's premature to start making recommendations like that."
Read the full story HERE.