Friday, November 24, 2017

Poll Musings

2017 Preseason Ivy League Football Poll 
1. Princeton (6)  120 points
1. Harvard (5)   120 points
3. Penn (5)   110 points
4. Yale   71 points
5. Dartmouth   60 points
6. Brown (1)   57 points
7. Columbia   38 points
8. Cornell   36 points

2017 Final Ivy League Football Standings
1. Yale 6-1
2. Columbia 5-2
2. Dartmouth 5-2
4. Penn 4-3
5. Harvard 3-4
5. Cornell 3-4
7. Princeton 2-5
8. Brown 0-7

Green Alert Take I: The preseason poll this year was hardly a surprise. It usually looks very similar to the previous year's standings.

Green Alert Take II: Expect that trend to change a bit next year. It's hard to imagine voters keeping Harvard and Princeton where they finished. And because old habits die hard, it would be a surprise to see voters projecting Columbia to finish that high again.

Green Alert Take III: For the third year in a row someone cast a first-place vote out of left field for Brown. Hope springs eternal but the poll isn't supposed to be about hoping. In 2016 the poll had Penn with eight first-place votes and Harvard with seven. The other first-place vote? Brown, which the rest of the voters picked fifth. In the 2015 poll the voters selected Brown fifth, but yet again someone gave the Bears a first-place vote.

Green Alert Take IV: This is not an original thought but I'd like to see the poll expanded so that it includes not just two media members covering each school but also the sports information director and the head coach. Two more votes per school from people who have a little more insight would add a lot more credibility to the poll.

Green Alert Take V: The next poll is a little less than nine months away ;-)