Saturday, November 11, 2017

What Are You Rooting For?

Here's your Saturday primer

If you are a Dartmouth fan and just want a share of the title, you want a win next week and are rooting for:
Yale to lose either at Princeton today or at home to Harvard next week
Result: Dartmouth wins at least a share at 5-2.

If you are a Dartmouth fan and want to win the whole enchilada, you want a win next week and:
Yale to lose its last two games so the Bulldogs finish 4-3
Harvard to lose at home today against Penn and then beat Yale to go 4-3
Columbia to lose to Cornell today or next week at home to Brown to finish 4-3
Cornell to lose to Columbia today or next week at Penn to end up 4-3
Result: Dartmouth wins it all at 5-2.

If you are an anarchist and want to see a seven-way tie, here's how it has to go:
Princeton has to win at home against Yale today.
Cornell has to win at Columbia today.
Penn has to win at Harvard this afternoon.
Next week Harvard has to win at Yale.
And Penn has to beat Cornell in Philly.
And Columbia has to beat Brown in NYC.
Finally, in the last game of the day, Dartmouth has to tumble at home to Princeton.
Result: IF all that happens (big if you notice) seven teams finish at 4-3.
For those who are wondering, with a thawed-out Mrs. BGA driving and yours truly writing we found a Dunkin' Donuts with wireless on the way home and I posted the story about an hour after leaving Fenway Park and paying ransom (it wasn't that bad) to free up our car. We arrived back on Moose Mountain around 2:15 a.m.

And for those of you who were looking up at the press box in frozen envy: Yes, it was a lot warmer than it was down in the stands. Apologies for that. But don't get the wrong impression. It was stil seriously cold. Clearly, Fenway Park is a baseball stadium not intended for winter use. My fingers are almost usable again.
The Valley News has a game story HERE.
And in an absolute shocker, the VN has short piece about basketball forward Evan Boudreaux, the highest rated Dartmouth recruit in memory, announcing his decision to transfer one day before today's season-opener at Quinnipiac. (LINK) Boudreaux is hoping to graduate early and play two years elsewhere as a grad transfer. Boudreaux is the son of former all-time Dartmouth women's basketball and track great Gail Koziara Boudreaux, a Dartmouth trustee.