Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Early Signing Day

Like Ivy League coaches, I wasn't sure quite how the Early Signing Day would play out for Ivy commits.

BGA has followed the regular Signing Day closely each year, chasing down and posting photos throughout what is annually a very, very, very long day. (Check out THIS LINK and click "newer" and "older" at the bottom to go back and forth and see out the old Signing Days went.)

I'm not sure how many Early Signing Day celebrations there are going to be today among the Ivy-bound football players, so apart from this one of incoming quarterback Doc Bonner that I just stumbled across on Twitter I'm not going to go crazy trying to dig them up and will simply post what shows up in my in box later today or tomorrow morning.

(For what it's worth, a visit to a couple of Patriot League football Twitter pages showed the one-time sister conference of the Ivies is promoting Early Signing Day action.)