Friday, December 01, 2017

If The Clock Is Still Ticking . . .

From the Dartmouth football office:

If that's a little hard to read, here's what it says:

If the clock is still ticking . . .
there is still time to win!


Outscored opponents 100-46
in the 4th quarter

4 wins came from scoring
in the final minute
(2 on the last play)

We were down
going into the
4th quarter in
5 of our 8 wins.

Seven Days, Vermont's alternative weekly newspaper, has a story about Baked in Vermont, Gesine Prado's new Food Network TV show. From the story:
"Baked in Vermont" will also feature an episode in which Prado feeds members of the Dartmouth College football team. Her husband, Ray Prado, played center for the Big Green and every year he mentors some Dartmouth players, Prado said.
The student-athletes  visit the Prados' home in real life — and now on TV.  For the TV episode, Prado made the football players hand-raised English pork pie.  The savory dish uses no pie plate; the crust serves as an edible vessel for the filling.
"It's a very cool crust that Americans never make," Prado explained. "It's fast and easy and incredibly tasty — and such a great chilly weather meal."  The pork pies are "cute little packets of dough and meat," Prado said. "The kids chowed down."
She also made a selection of "great sweet treats" for the players, including a surprise that will be revealed on the show. "People will say, 'Is that magic?'" Prado predicted.
Find the full Seven Days story HERE.
Harvard and Yale battled on the field two weeks ago. Now they are squaring off in the digital video space. Here are Sights and Sounds from the 134th Playing of The Game from the Harvard perspective and Through a Bulldog's Eyes – The 134th Edition of The Game, from the Yale viewpoint. Wanna guess which one has more game action?  ;-)

Pretty nasty field conditions, huh?
STATS sees the No. 3 Central Arkansas-UNH playoff game as a chance for Central Arkansas to prove its bonafides as an FCS powerhouse. From the story:
Though New Hampshire (8-4) hasn't had what could be viewed as a vintage season, its name still carries plenty of weight in FCS circles. Sporting the division's longest active postseason streak at 14 years, the Wildcats have won at least one playoff game in four of the past five seasons and their current senior class was part of the second of consecutive semifinals appearances from 2013-14.

That Certain Dartmouth '14, now at Grand Canyon after her stint at Yellowstone came to a close, sent along this picture yesterday with this comment:
"Look what I saw at work today!"
She may not be padding her bank account the way some of her Dartmouth classmates are but she's having a pretty rich experience as an educational ranger with the National Park Service. Keep your fingers crossed they don't shut the government down.

I've written before about the investment banker and the fisherman so I won't post it here again, but if you are curious, CLICK HERE and you'll come to appreciate that sometimes the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree ;-)