Friday, December 22, 2017

Old Friend In The News

An AP story about the gulf between that haves and have-nots in Division I football begins with an anecdote from a former Dartmouth assistant (LINK):
Pete Lembo has seen both sides of major college football as the head coach at Ball State and now as an assistant at Maryland.
At Ball State in the Mid-American Conference, a simple decision like buying black helmets for the team came with concessions. There was give and take on every decision.
“And I would share that openly with our team,” Lembo said. “I would say, ‘Look guys, this is life. You’re going to have to make these same kind of decisions when you’re a husband and when you’re a father and you’re going to have to work with your wife on these kind of things.’ ”
Listed in a preseason story as one of "10 assistants who will be head coaches again soon," (LINK), Lembo showed up in a FootballScoop story listing him as a strong candidate at Fordham, only to have FootballScoop follow that with this: "Source tells FootballScoop the Fordham search has shifted from Pete Lembo."

Lembo was on the Dartmouth staff from 1994-96. He has a 112-65 all-time record as head coach at Lehigh, Elon and Ball State.

The "Baked in Vermont" episode featuring Dartmouth football coach Buddy Teevens, his wife Kirsten and a small group of players will air Saturday afternoon at 12:30 Eastern (9:30 Pacific).

Here's the synopsis of Baking for the Big Green from the Food Network website:
Gesine Prado is making a big home-cooked meal for football players from her husband Ray's alma mater, Dartmouth College. While Ray shows the offensive line a few veteran moves in the backyard, Gesine bakes a Hearty Pork Pie with a Big Green Salad. She makes The Big Winooski Fudge Cookies and a decadent Surprise-Interior Cake with Dartmouth "D" and tops it all off with a rich, chocolatey Hot Cocoa.
Ray Prado '89, a former Big Green player under Teevens, is a storyboard artist who was featured in an Alumni Magazine story.

Photo courtesy Gesine Prado Twitter
Thanks to points earned by men's soccer and women's cross country Dartmouth finished fall ranked 51st in the Learfield Directors’ Cup standings, which purports to show the best athletic program in the nation. Princeton leads the Ivy League contingent in ninth place followed by Columbia (36), Dartmouth (51), Yale (117) and Harvard (122).

The nation's top five should be no surprise:
1. Stanford
2. Penn State
4. MIchgan
5. Wisconsin
And finally, if you are desperate for a white Christmas, come home to the Upper Valley. There's plenty of the white stuff to go around ;-)