Friday, January 12, 2018

A Story From 'Back In The Day'

The Cape Cod Times writes about Madaket Nobili, an incoming Dartmouth cross country and distance runner whose uncle is someone you know. First, though, a story.

Nobili's mom, Moira, was a decorated cross country and distance runner at Dartmouth when I worked in the sports information office.

As the assistant SID, one of my many responsibilities was to take team photos, not always the easiest thing to do. Getting some of the teams arranged properly could be a little like herding cats, and so it was one afternoon in the fall of 1986 with the women's cross country team as I tried to shoot the picture near the 15th tee at Hanover Country Club.

Sensing my building frustration, the team captain abruptly morphed into a drill sergeant, getting everyone lined up properly for the team picture in no time. All these years later I still remember and appreciate the way she took charge.

That team captain? Moira.

Moira Teevens.

That's right. The younger sister of Dartmouth football coach Buddy Teevens.

And now her daughter will be running for the Big Green. You can read about Madaket Nobili – coach Buddy Teevens' niece – HERE. From the story:
Her mother, Moira, the Warriors’ indoor track and boys cross country head coach, had a Hall of Fame-caliber career at Silver Lake High School in Kingston. She then went on to set multiple records at Dartmouth College, where (Madaket's) uncle Buddy Teevens is the head football coach. Her father, Nick, also a Dartmouth alum, has track and field experience.
By the way, there's a nice summary of Moira (Teevens) Nobili's running career accompanying a story about her 2009 induction into the Silver Lake (Mass.) High School Hall of Fame HERE.