Friday, January 19, 2018

And Another

Isaiah Johnson, a 6-foot-2, 190-pound defensive back at Detroit Country Day, has Tweeted his decision to continue his athletic and academic career at Dartmouth HERE.

Johnson had 71 tackles and eight interceptions for Country Day, earning a spot on the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association all-state Division 4 first team. He was a team tri-captain in the fall.

His "offer" sheet mentions Columbia and Valparaiso among others. Check out his highlight video HERE.
The Washington Post has a lengthy story about quarterback Doc Bonner's decision to surrender an early admission spot at Dartmouth to attend Air Force. (LINK)

The story notes the QB made an official visit to the Academy last week and quotes him saying:
“Playing Jim Harbaugh in Michigan on national television with 100,000 people and fans watching you play Michigan, or Boise State. Just to have the opportunity to play in the Mountain West Conference and be able to have a chance to compete to play for a championship and a bowl game is pretty great. It is definitely big-time football there.”
Also from the story:
Bonner will not hit the field right away for Air Force. He will go through a year at Air Force Academy Preparatory School before having the opportunity to gain an appointment to the Air Force Academy the following year.  
A couple of interesting nuggets from FootballScoop, which is speculating that the NCAA could be on the verge of passing a rule to allow a football player to participate in any four games and retain their redshirt season. From FootballScoop:
The appeal is obvious. A coach battling depth issues wouldn’t be faced with the Sophie’s Choice of shortening a player’s career by one year just to get through a single game or exposing a tired player to injury in order of preserving a younger player’s redshirt. Those situations are unfair for all involved and there’s no reason not to change them.
Green Alert Take: The proposed change makes a lot of sense. Given the nature of the Ivy League's medical redshirt rule, however, it doesn't seem likely that the Ivies would follow suit.

And this from the Scoop:
Elsewhere, it sounds as if the proposal to allow a 1-time chance for players to transfer within FBS without sitting out a year is officially dead, at least for this year.
Green Alert Take: There has been chatter about what a one-time transfer rule in the FBS would mean for FCS schools. The consensus, if there is one, is that being able to transfer one time without sitting out a year would result in significantly fewer players transferring from the FBS to the FCS, a move that currently does not require missing a year.