Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Counting Down

In case you are wondering – and judging by my email some of you already are – Dartmouth spring football is tentatively slated to start on April 10. For those of you keeping score, that's in 77 days and can't come soon enough with sub-zero temperatures possible here on the mountain tonight and tomorrow night.

The annual football banquet is set for Sunday, April 8.
It's that time of year when a LOT of people are perusing Twitter for commitment news. It's not as if we need a reminder these days, but this is my annual plea to high school seniors both to think before you post and to scroll down to see if there's anything you might not want your parents, your teachers, your coaches, the media or admissions people to see.
This was one of those mornings that sent me scurrying back back up the icy driveway for my camera when I saw the sky over the Vermont hills while fetching the morning paper. These photos are unretouched and the colors pretty accurate. The ski trails that disappear into the clouds are at Killington and Pico, which are about a 50-mile drive from here. On really clear days we can see five ski areas when we cross the road.

Click the photos to make 'em larger. You might even be able to click them again ;-)