Monday, January 29, 2018

New Week, New Name

Add to the list of incoming recruits 6-foot-3, 255-pound defensive end/defensive tackle Bobby Jefferson II of St. Xavier in Cincinnati. He Tweeted his intentions HERE.

Jefferson helped St. Xavier go 11-2 and rank 32nd in the country by posting 62 tackles and forcing four fumbles. His offer sheet includes Army, Toledo Central Michigan, Ball State, Penn and Albany among others per this STORY. A wonderful quote from his coach in that story:
“Bobby has expressed an interest in teaching grade school kids. I think that speaks volumes about who he is as a person. Bobby has a big heart and cares about people. As big as Bobby is physically, his heart is bigger. He understands the need to continue to grow as a young man and football player but he also understands that football is not who he is, it is simply what he does. Bobby cares about people. 
“I see a quiet patience in Bobby and a true desire to please others. Is that the results of having a little sister with special needs, wonderful parents or a combination of both? Bobby would have to answer that, but he does understand that was in this together and that he wants to leave things better than he finds them. Bobby champions the little guy. I think I’m most proud of him for that.” 
The Cincinnati Enquirer named Jefferson to its 2017 All-Stars for Ohio Football Division I first team HERE.

Find his highlight video HERE.

Jefferson is also a power forward on the St. Xavier basketball team and gets a mention for his basketball leadership (not to mention rebounding and field goal percentage) HERE.