Monday, February 19, 2018

A 'Special' Q&A

The Upper Valley Hawks Special Olympians visited Dartmouth football practice a year ago and "Hawk Watch with Bo" produced this series of interviews that has recently been posted. It's fun stuff, particularly when the host puts former Dartmouth quarterback Harry Kraft on the spot and Kraft shows a deft touch with his answer to a question you could kind of see coming ;-)
Every year at this time I try to post something about Thon, the 46-hour no-sleeping, no-sitting dance marathon at Penn State that supports the fight against pediatric cancer. It's an incredible effort that again this year raised more than $10 million and since 1977 has raised more than $147 million. Two PSU football players went the distance in the event.

When That Certain Dartmouth '14 was running for student body president part of her platform was starting some kind of campus-wide fundraiser – on an understandably smaller scale – that would bring the sometimes fractured Dartmouth student body together in a similar way while doing something good for the community. Here's a quick report on Thon:

A huge thank you to those who have clicked through the post (below) on Ernest Evans and sent along some help for his family as it struggles to do what it can to provide support for the former Dartmouth quarterback.