Thursday, February 08, 2018

Finally ... Another New Name!

Alert eyes have added one new name to the Dartmouth recruiting class. Add Miami Central (Fla.) defensive end/linebacker Rollansky Darote to the list. His HUDL highlights page lists him at 6-foot-2, 221 pounds while his Next College Student Athlete page has him at an even 6-foot.

Here's the Miami Herald mention of Darote coming to Dartmouth:
In a surprise move, (Miami Central coach Roland) Smith announced that defensive lineman Rollansky Darote would be attending Dartmouth College sans athletic scholarship.
Darote Tweeted on Jan. 16 that Dartmouth had "offered" him. (LINK)
Curious about recruiting by Patriot League, Northeast Conference and CAA teams that the Ivies may face now that Signing Day is over?

Click HERE for the STATS page featuring a drop-down menu listing recruits for all FCS scholarship schools. No Ivies or Pioneer Football League schools are mentioned because they don't officially recognize signing day.

For better or worse, Ivy League fans hungry for information can always turn to the 247Sports page for each school. It's interesting to see who was "offered" where, but the lists are ridiculously incomplete.

For example, 247Sports lists 19 "hard commits" for Princeton and 17 for Yale but just two for Cornell and one for Brown. It reports just six recruits for Dartmouth when BGA Daily has been able to identify 28.

For what it's worth, all Ivy schools should be right around 30 "hard commits" at this point.

All that said, I know you are still curious about what 247Sports lists for the Ivy schools, so here you go:


Green Alert Take: Remember, comparing those lists isn't like comparing apples and oranges. As a Dartmouth dean once said to me when I was working on a funding story, it's like comparing apples and hubcaps. Worse yet, 247Sports ranks classes against each other based on the recruits listed.

What is pretty cool about those pages is seeing who purportedly offered incoming Ivy League recruits like Princeton-bound quarterback Brevin White: Alabama, Tennessee, Washington, Arizona State and more. (LINK)
He may be one of the best football players at Dartmouth but he never pulled on a uniform. Not a football uniform, anyway.

Big Green basketball captain Miles Wright was a dual-threat quarterback who had football  scholarship offers from Syracuse, Boston College and others before deciding to concentrate on basketball. Read a story I freelanced about him HERE. Oh, and he did admit to giving a fleeting thought at one point to suiting up for Buddy Teevens' team.
An ESPN story about the Yankees securing Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson in a trade with the Texas Rangers makes reference to his father, Harry Wilson, the onetime Dartmouth football standout and baseball player. Russell Wilson quoted in the story:
"I think he's smiling from ear to ear. It was always something we talked about. He used to watch all the old Yankees and tell me stories. To be able put on the pinstripes, it's pretty exciting. It's going to give me chills."
Wilson, who played minor league baseball while in college, is not intending to try to resurrect his baseball career. More from the story:
"Playing two sports has always been a dream. But at this point in my life, playing quarterback in the NFL is a job I love and a responsibility I work on and take seriously every single day. My main goal is to win multiple Super Bowls coming up, to keep winning games and do my job at the highest level I can. But at the same time, I can also embrace the journey that baseball has taken me on and be around championship players like the Yankees." 
Hard to believe a story in The Dartmouth under the headline, A Spotlight on Dartmouth's Sports Rivalries, wouldn't mention Harvard until the penultimate paragraph.
And finally, as expected yesterday was by far the busiest day for page views on BGA Daily although the single most-visited post since last fall continues to be Big Little Brother Heading This Way, referencing the announcement that offensive lineman John Paul Flores was following big brother Jacob Flores' path to Dartmouth.