Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This And That

Twitter comes through again with a photo of kicker Connor Davis of Forest High School in Ocala, Fla., "signing" with Dartmouth. Read more about him in an earlier BGA Daily post.
From a (Minnesota) Star Tribune story about the Vikings’ new offensive coordinator:
Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson allows two voices in his headset during games that perhaps aren’t in the ears of many of his colleagues.
It’s not the devil and angel sitting on his shoulders. It’s two of his “analytics guys”: Dartmouth graduate Ryan Paganetti and director of football compliance Jon Ferrari, according to an ESPN article.
Find Paganetti's Dartmouth football bio HERE.
Former Dartmouth wide receivers coach Cortez Hankton has moved on from Vanderbilt to Georgia, where he also will coach receivers. Why go from Dartmouth to Vandy to Georgia? A 247Sports posting gives one reason:
According to information obtained by Dawgs247 via open records request on Tuesday, Hankton is set to make $375,000.
The MVP "smart dummy" shows up in unusual places and can be used for more than tackling.

Here's the MVP being a target for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles on the Ellen Show:
CLICK HERE to watch.
And here it is being used for "Simunition" training (meaning the bullets heading its way aren't being thrown ;-):

When I started as the beat writer covering Dartmouth sports there was no spell check. I take that back. There was a person who checked spelling. Even spell check might get nervous checking to make sure the name of the new Dartmouth men's soccer coach is spelled correctly: Adegboyega Oshoniyi. Fortunately, he goes by "Bo." Unfortunately, he's not (yet) like Ichiro and Cher and known by just one name.

The former MLS goalie takes over for Chad Riley as the coach of Dartmouth's most successful team after a stint as head coach at East Tennessee State University. (LINK)