Saturday, February 17, 2018

View From Davis Varsity House


On assignment Friday afternoon I had reason to visit the top floor of Davis Varsity House and snapped this picture (which I wish I had centered).

Two people who went on to great renown actually lived in a little room in the Davis eaves for a short while.

One was Hall of Fame basketball coach Al McGuire. From a story originally in the Milwaukee Journal – italics are mine (LINK):
All those nights, those wet jocks, all the years in Belmont Abbey, two years living by myself in the gym at Dartmouth College, trying to explain why. 
 The other was Joe Moglia, who left Dartmouth and coaching behind to eventually become CEO of AmeriTrade, only to return to coaching at Coastal Carolina. From USA Today – again, italics are mine (LINK):
How did a self-described New York street kid born to immigrant parents go from coaching football at Dartmouth, where he was living in a storage room above the football offices, to a Wall Street job at age 34 for which he had almost no traditional qualifications?

Someone with great familiarity with Moglia and the old weight room atop Davis Varsity House has a new job although I have to admit the headline in the Dispatch-Argus fooled me. It reads:
Vikings hire veteran Dick Maloney
As it turns out, onetime Dartmouth assistant Dick Maloney isn't going to Minneapolis, but rather to Rock Island, Ill., where he will coach the Augustana Vikings' linebackers. A post on the Augustana football page details his hiring.