Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

The Nor'easter barely missed us, thankfully. Not a flake of snow.

Some of the most interesting athletes on the Dartmouth campus are distance runners and the New York Times already this month has profiled two of them.

From the Times:
(Dartmouth valedictorian Erik Hagerman '86) swore that he would avoid learning about anything that happened to America after Nov. 8, 2016.
“It was draconian and complete,” he said. “It’s not like I wanted to just steer away from Trump or shift the conversation. It was like I was a vampire and any photon of Trump would turn me to dust.”
 It was just going to be for a few days. But he is now more than a year into knowing almost nothing about American politics. He has managed to become shockingly uninformed during one of the most eventful chapters in modern American history. He is as ignorant as a contemporary citizen could ever hope to be.
Read the full story on Hagerman HERE. Dartmouth Alumni Magazine profiled Erik and twin brother (and fellow Dartmouth runner Kris Hagerman) HERE.

And then there's Chris Zablocki '10, a 29-year-old doctor who set a world record for the indoor marathon, taught on an atoll in the Marshall Islands and, as the Times writes . . .
. . . spent just over a month in the marine corps. Failing to master synchronized heel pivots of marching drills or proper blousing of his pants, he received the most chits of any of his classmates and was punished repeatedly.
“Joining the marines sounded like an exciting thing to do,” he said. “But it turned out, I couldn’t follow the rules. I was just bad.”
Read the full story on Zablocki HERE. His Dartmouth track and cross country bio is HERE.