Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Winter's Day

A very quick video from Dartmouth football:

Princeton Tigers Football has an overhead photo of the bubble on its football field and a story noting that in addition to the bubble there are an expanded locker room, new meetings rooms, a remodeled lounge and an auditorium all in the works. Coach Bob Surace:
“The biggest thing we do is teach. So we need a teaching environment that is proper. 
Our chemistry lab allows students to do amazing things. It’s no different in football–we need the tools to be able to instruct in a similar environment.
From the story:
 Into its third month of use, the dome remains a jarring sight from the outside and produces an even stranger sense upon entry.
The only reminder that you are actually still inside the stadium are the familiar markings–the Princeton midfield insignia and the Powers Field lettering–on the turf. 
Green Alert Take: I had that same sense walking into the bubble at Harvard. You almost have to keep reminding yourself that you are inside the stadium.

Green Alert Take II: Penn, Princeton and Columbia, the three southernmost schools in the Ivy League, all have bubbles. So does Harvard and there are murmurings that artificial turf at Yale Bowl will see a bubble in New Haven before long.

Green Alert Take III: It was 9 degrees when I walked the dog this morning and there's more than two feet of standing snow here on Moose Mountain. What is wrong with this picture?
That Certain Dartmouth '14 might have been one of the first people ever to play wiffle ball at the bottom of Grand Canyon a couple of days ago. She and three friends hiked down, went as far up toward the north rim as they could before the conditions pushed them back down, and ultimately returned to the south rim where it was snowing. Gearing up before their hike they stumbled across the wiffle ball sale and figured why not? It was about 70 degrees down at Phantom Ranch, perfect spring training weather ;-)