Friday, March 09, 2018

And The Answer Is

What states are host to the most FCS football programs? Hint: There are three states tied at the top of the list.

Give up? Pennsylvania, New York and Texas each have eight FCS teams. In case you are wondering, Texas has the most FBS programs with 12.

Final question: What state has the most college football teams at the FBS, FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA levels combined? A couple of hints: It has the most teams by a wide stretch, and none are NAIA.

The state with the most college football teams is . . . Pennsylvania with 53.

Ohio has 42 and Texas 41. Rounding out the leaders are Illinois (34), North Carolina (33), New York (31) and Massachusetts (30).

Thanks to Football Scoop for, well, the scoop ;-)
Weather permitting – and with another potential Nor'easter on the horizon for Monday it may not – one month from tomorrow Dartmouth players will take the field for their first practice of the spring. Princeton already has had two scheduled spring practices and is slated to finish its offseason work three days before the Big Green is supposed to begin.

Princeton Tigers Football has five questions to consider for the team this spring HERE. The last question includes this tidbit: "The quarterback field this spring for Princeton will have combined to throw for a total of 11 passes at the collegiate level."

To quote the great Thomas Magnum, I know what you are thinking. Isn't 2016 Ivy League Player of the Year John Lovett returning at quarterback? Yes he is, but as reported earlier in the week, he needs to be out of school this spring to retain his medical redshirt next fall.
Another day another individual national champion for the Dartmouth ski team in Steamboat Springs. On Wednesday it was senior Brian McLaughlin becoming the first Big Green skier to win the NCAA Giant Slalom in 19 years (LINK) and yesterday it was freshman Katharine Ogden becoming the school's first-ever woman cross country champion with a 47-second victory in the 5K Classic. (LINK) Dartmouth sits in fourth position entering today's competition.
The snow finally stopped last night, although there are light flurries falling right now. Depending on where you place the yardstick we got somewhere in the range of 20-24 inches of wispy powder. Hopefully the people coming to see our house today (and three more tomorrow) like the snow ;-)