Friday, May 11, 2018

A Little Birdie Says . . .

Following up on the recent post about players receiving Dartmouth "offers," if you want to stay current check out #WOODSNAT19N on Twitter.
In a story about the incoming Princeton offensive class, writer Jay Greenberg refers to four-star quarterback Brevin White as no less than the "most renowned recruit in 149 years of Old Nassau football . . . ." (LINK)
He's not a four-star recruit but an incoming Yale player has quite a story to tell. Check out the short news report about him that mentions Dartmouth as being among the schools that offered 6-foot-4, 240-pound Sebastian Bruno (who would have been a legend at Brown ;-):

And following up on both the recent BGA post about message boards, a thread on the Any Given Saturday board starts with a look at that lauded Princeton recruiting class and morphs into a discussion of how the Ivy League football teams would fare if they were allowed to go to the playoffs or played teams at the top level of the FCS. (LINK)