Sunday, May 13, 2018

Field Work

The April edition of 3D, Dartmouth In All Its Dimensions (Dartmouth's undergraduate admissions magazine) features a story on graduating quarterback Jack Heneghan. It's on the Issuu platform HERE.

From the story:
As a quantitative social science minor, he intitiated his own research project investigating potential implicit racial bias in the way that professional football games are officiated. After gathering data from the NFL and running an original analysis, he tentatively found that referees were more likely to call penalties on players with racial backgrounds different from their own.
Heneghan, who spent his winter studying economics at Oxford University's Keble College in England, told the writer:
"What made Dartmouth stand out," he says, "was that I would have the opportunity to study abroad, and more generally, that the school encourages athletes to be part of the wider student community."