Thursday, May 17, 2018

Important Time Out From Time Out

Before I get back to packing up I want to point you to a story about Mike Slive written a decade ago by Jack DeGange, the former Dartmouth sports information director who knew him well.

Highly regarded as the commissioner of the SEC, Slive passed away yesterday at age 77. (ESPN story)

Jack DeGange's story about Slive began this way:
During a recent radio interview, Mike Slive ’62 was asked how he manages his time. His answer: 
“I spend 100 percent of my time on the SEC, 50 percent on the BCS, and 50 percent on the (NCAA) Men’s Basketball Tournament Committee. I’m not sure if the guy understood the math.”  
Math aside, this is easy to understand: These days Slive wears several very large hats and ranks among the most influential leaders at the highest level of college sports. Some would suggest he’s the most influential.
Find the full story, which first appeared in a Dartmouth football game program, HERE.

• • •

While I spent a lot of time in trucks like this – as well as 18-wheelers – to pay for grad school we're handling this move ourselves. Now I've got to get back to packing and dumping and packing some more as I await the arrival of a dumpster we hired. To be perfectly honest, working as a mover wasn't fun but at least I got paid for it. This time . . . not so much.

BGA Daily will resume next week (although I can't predict which day).