Thursday, May 03, 2018

Meanwhile, North Of The Border

A CFL mock draft has Dartmouth running back Ryder Stone going to Toronto with the 60th pick. Stone grew up on a ranch outside of Calgary. (LINK)

The CFL draft kicks off tonight at 8 Eastern.
Another story on Dartmouth quarterback Jack Heneghan heading to the San Francisco 49ers appears in the Daily Journal.
From the STATS Twitter feed:

FCS top returnees in receptions per game
1. Keelan Doss, UC Davis: 10.5
2. Jesper Horsted, Princeton: 9.2
3. Kelvin McKnight, Samford: 7.8
4. Josh Wainwright, Columbia: 7.8
5. Stephen Carlson, Princeton: 7.1

In case you are wondering:
17. Hunter Hagdorn, Dartmouth: 5.5

2017 FCS leaders in total offense:
1. @BearkatsFB: 538.1 ypg
2. @SDCoyotesFB, 523.6
3. @UCDfootball, 484.7
4. @PUTigerFootball, 483.0
5. @EWUFootball, 476.7

In case you are wondering:
41. Dartmouth, 397.6
This graphic from Middle Tennessee State's equipment room Twitter is getting a lot of play:

A search this morning couldn't confirm all of the new rules suggested by the graphic but did reveal that the era of football "shorts" is indeed ending. Straight from the NCAA (LINK):
This update is being provided as a reminder that the NCAA Football Rules Committee passed a rule at its February 2017 meeting that will take effect in the 2018 fall season. 
This reminder deals with Rule 1-4-4-d, which requires that a knee pad be worn. Starting in 2018, the pants and knee pads must cover the knees.
The uniform rules noted above:
• The entire knee must now be covered
• Shirts can't be rolled up to reveal stomach
• Back plates can't be exposed
• T-shirts can't show below the jersey

A writer for FootballScoop is not a fan of some of the rules, writing about "new (ridiculous) uniform guidelines."(LINK)