Thursday, June 07, 2018

Quiet Times

CLICK HERE to read a story I wrote for the spring issue of the DP2 quarterly magazine PEAK about how Dartmouth student-athletes benefit from the D-Plan. One of the athletes I wrote about was two-time Big Green football captain Ky McKinney-Crudden. Said the nickel:
"If you are a football player interested in engineering, I believe the D-Plan is pretty much the best thing, and quite frankly almost the only way to be a serious engineer and a serious football player."
The Football Gameplan site is proposing a series of bowl games for successful FCS teams that are not selected for the NCAA playoffs. (LINK)

Green Alert Take: While such a one-off might appeal to some Ivy League fans it would be no substitute for either the Ivy presidents doing the right thing and ending the playoff ban or for joining the real world and allowing an 11th game.

Green Alert Take II: Aren't there already too many bowl games?
As those of you who are regular visitors to this digital precinct know, the BGA world headquarters has moved on from Moose Mountain as we "downsize." We sold our house late last month and are spending the summer in an off-the-grid tiny house we are renting on a month-to-month basis on another mountain north of Hanover.

How tiny is tiny?

While the real estate agent who listed our old house as having 12 rooms was guilty of a little hyperbole, it was a full 2,600 square feet not including a huge, walk-out basement. We are currently living in 384 square feet – with that number including our sleeping loft. On the plus side, it does have a 17-foot cathedral ceiling and enough windows to make it feel larger. In case you are wondering, we are *loving* the simple life without TV and limited internet.

Needless to say, most of our possessions are in storage lockers.

With this place having a small deck, a picnic table and a large grill we're planning on a lot of outdoor living this summer and keeping our fingers crossed for enough sun to keep the batteries that run the lights charged ;-)

The idea was to be able to buy our new house without having to worry about selling, so while we rent here we will be actively looking for our next place, hopefully on a lake or perhaps the Connecticut River. Should we not find our permanent house by the end of the summer we will take out a regular rental starting in the fall – and keep looking!

Here's a look at our current digs:

And finally, if you've sent along an email and haven't heard back as promptly as usual, now you know why. I'll try to get back to you when I can. But fear not. There will be no changes to BGA Premium, which will continue as usual.