Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ryder Stone on Vermont Public Radio

Former Dartmouth running back Ryder Stone '18, a draft pick of the Montreal Alouettes, was one of Ric Cengeri's guests Tuesday on Vermont Edition, a local NPR program. BGA Daily worked up this transcript of the program:

Narrator: The Montreal Alouettes start on the road on Saturday then return to Percival Molson Stadium on Friday, June 22 against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. One player with a local connection will be suiting up for the Als. That’s running back Ryder Stone, a recent Dartmouth grad. He took a break from practice yesterday afternoon to update us on how training camp has gone for him so far:

RS: It has truly been awesome. It has been a great experience  getting to know the guys and working for the last few weeks here. It was a really fun experience and I am excited now for week one to really dive into the regular season. It’s this weekend and in general is pretty exciting. We had Dartmouth graduation. I went straight from the game on Saturday and drove down for graduation and now I am back here for practice.

VPR: This week you got some good game action, six carries, 19 yards. What kind of role do you think you’ll play in the owls offense this year?
RS: In the offense I will be in there wherever I can, wherever they need me. Right now I believe it will be more of a relief role. Obviously, we have Tyrell Sutton, who is a vet here on the team and Stephon Logan as well. They will be the main contributors. But whenever they need me I will be ready for the call.

VPR: Will you also be doing some special teams?
RS: Yes, that’s where my main contributions will be this year. Working hard on special teams. Coach Donovan has been awesome to work with, really helping me out. It’s been a good experience and that’s where I will be putting the work in for most of the season.

VPR: You’ve had to adjust from growing up with the Canadian game, college ball playing American rules, and now back to Canadian. Has that been a difficult transition?
RS: Surprisingly, it hasn’t been too harsh of the transition at all. I think maybe it might be the luxury of being a running back. The rules don’t necessarily affect the position all that much. But I found the transition to be pretty smooth. The biggest thing is just when I was playing American  fall I would just stand in the backfield like a statue. So it’s kind of nice to be able to have that freedom to move around a little bit.

VPR: For Americans not familiar with the Canadian game, what do you think they will enjoy about it?
RS: The speed of the game. I think the turnaround is a lot quicker. There’s big chances for long plays down the field because you only have two downs so you kind of need to take  your chances when you can.

VPR: The Als are coming off a three-win season and losing both exhibition games. What are the prospects for improvement this year?
RS: I mean, I think we have a high ceiling just looking at the way we work together as a team. We have a really close-knit group, which is something that I have loved so far during camp. I think we have a very promising outlook on the season. Guys weren’t downtrodden at all with the way that the preseason games went. It was a work period. We needed to work out the kinks on our offense and defense and I think we are looking forward to a great season.

VPR: After a good career at Dartmouth did you think you had a shot at playing CFL ball?
RS: I did. It was ultimately one of my goals, to continue playing, whether it was in the states or in Canada. So I had been preparing for that and had some good inclinations that I would get drafted to play in the CFL.

VPR: You are from Calgary. Will you have divided loyalties when you play the Stamps this year?
RS: (Laughs) No. I mean, I am an Al right now and that’s my team. I went to the Stampeders games growing up and everything. But when you lineup against another team, that’s the opponent.

VPR: Do you know when you will be playing at Calgary?
RS: (Withouth hesitation) July 21 is when we are playing the Stampeders. I am looking forward to it. Adefolarin  Orimolade, or Flo, was a former teammate at Dartmouth. He’s actually on the Stampeders now.

VPR: Will you have a lot of family and friends in the stands at day?
RS:  Yes, yeah I hope so.

VPR:  Ryder Stone is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College and now a running back for the MontrĂ©al Alouettes. Ryder, good luck this season.
RS: Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time.

Listen to the interview starting at about the 12:45 mark HERE.
From the Calgary Sun regarding Flo Orimolade of the Calgary Stampeders:
Expect Folarin Orimolade to get a decent amount of playing time at defensive end this weekend against the Ticats