Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Video Prediction

Football Gameplan's predicted Ivy League finish:
1. Yale
2. Princeton
3. Columbia
4. Dartmouth
5. Harvard
6. Penn
7. Cornell
8. Brown 

FBGP also has a quick look at pro prospects in the Ivy. (LINK) Scroll ahead to the 1:28 mark for the first Ivy content. The only Dartmouth player mentioned is offensive lineman Matt Kaskey.
Graduated Dartmouth quarterback Jack Heneghan gets a mention in a Niners Nation posting about the battle for the San Francisco 49ers No. 3 quarterback position. (LINK)
That Dartmouth-Yale game might look huge here in Hanover but a STATS posting about Pivotal Conference Games in 2018 looks elsewhere for the top Ivy League matchups this fall:
Biggest: Harvard vs. Yale in Boston (Nov. 17)
The 135th playing of "The Game" will be held at Fenway Park. It marks the 50th anniversary of the epic 1968 meeting, which famously ended in a 29-29 tie (or as some say, "Harvard Beats Yale 29-29").
Pretty Special As Well: Princeton at Columbia (Sept. 29), Yale at Columbia (Oct. 27) and Harvard at Penn (Nov. 10)
The Homecoming Bonfire could lot different next fall. From a Dartmouth News release:
The town has said that it is no longer able to obtain municipal property and liability insurance to staff the bonfire. In addition, pitting police officers against students who try to touch the bonfire—an unsafe act that some students have attempted in recent years—puts law enforcement and the public in unnecessary danger during an event whose purpose is community-building. 
As a result, per Dartmouth News service:
“Dartmouth has appointed a working group charged with coming up with safer alternatives to the current size and shape of the bonfire . . .”