Monday, July 09, 2018

Caveat Emptor

Say what you will about former All-Ivy League Dartmouth center Austen Fletcher's '12 shtick – and there are a lot of people who feel very strongly about it one way or the other – he's making a name for himself on YouTube. A loyal BGA reader has shared this screenshot from Fletcher's recent appearance on Adam Carolla's podcast. That's Austen with the beard.

From the teaser:
YouTube star Austen Fletcher is in studio next, and the guys talk about lessons learned playing football. The group also watches clips of Austen attending liberal rallies and trying to talk to Maxine Waters.
You can listen to the first part of the podcast HERE and the second part HERE.

Editor's Note: I haven't listened to the podcast and can't vouch for what's on it.

Hero Sports continues its FCS previews with a look at Harvard. (LINK) From the capsule:
(Harvard) shouldn't be considered the conference favorite, but with a couple of breaks, Harvard could retake its position atop the Ivy League, courtesy of a winner-take-all showdown with Yale, played at Fenway Park, in the final week of the regular season. 
Green Alert Take: Any preview of Harvard that includes a half dozen or so player names and doesn't mention the return of standout offensive lineman Larry Allen Jr. from a year's hiatus should have you wondering.
I'm not sure why, but I watched this whole 2-minute, 41-second video drive through campus:

And finally, BGA Daily postings will be sporadic for the next two weeks as Mrs. BGA and I head out on a couple of weeks of vacation. We'll be visiting family and then camping in the Rocky Mountains.