Sunday, August 05, 2018

BGA Kicking Off Again This Week

Year 14 of Big Green Alert premium kicks off this Thursday with the start of the opponent preview series. After 10 days of previews Dartmouth practice begins, and with it the first of the daily BGA reports.

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As some of you might recall, That Certain Dartmouth '14 was a middle schooler in Hanover when BGA debuted in 2005. She went on to graduate from Dartmouth with a degree in earth science and a minor in education.

After stints at Colorado National Monument, Yellowstone, Everglades and Grand Canyon, she's spending the summer as a ranger at Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Next month she will return to Yellowstone as an educational ranger.

Late in the week, TCD'14 emailed this message from Southeast Alaska:
I just saw former secretary of interior Sally Jewell walk by while I was leading a group on the forest loop trail!
I emailed back:
Did you say hi? 
Her response:
No. I was busy preaching about the importance of national parks!
Perfect answer.

Click photo to enlarge.
Waving with her left hand in the stern of the NPS launch is That Certain Dartmouth '14, whose job includes doing presentations on huge cruise ships in Glacier Bay. While passengers see whales, bears, bald eagles and glaciers among other wonders of nature, according to TCD'14 they get a kick out of watching the rangers climb a rope ladder onto and off the huge ships, which are too large to dock in Glacier Bay.

One of the passengers TCD'14 saw on a ship last week was a former Dartmouth track teammate and very good friend. Again, 'Round the girdled earth . . . "