Saturday, August 18, 2018


Buddy Teevens' decision to bring in two female coaching interns for the first half of the preseason earned stories in USA Today (above) and the Los Angeles Times (LINK) among others.
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Headline from a TV station's story about this week's Georgia Lottery honored athlete: Scholar Athlete picked up Ivy League offer while winning 'Fortnite'

From the story:
(Running back Nate) Hope narrowed down his selection to Yale and Dartmouth and ultimately decided that Hanover, New Hampshire was the place for him. He committed to play for Dartmouth.
Hope's first mention in this electronic precinct came HERE.
From a story about the new ESPN+ offering, which will carry Ivy League football. Italics are mine (LINK):
College football is incredibly important for ESPN+. ESPN itself has the rights to 900 college football games this upcoming season, with at least 200 airing on ESPN+ in its first season. The subscription service also has access to games from at least nine conferences that may not be as popular on a linear net, such as Ivy League or Sun Belt games.
“We show you the biggest games across our linear networks, but we recognize the fact that a fan of Dartmouth football will be just as passionate as a fan of Alabama football. We want to serve every sports fan,” (ESPN President Jimmy) Pitaro explained.
Green Alert Take:  I can name one fan who fits the bill, and he's not even an alum. Pitaro, by the way, was a receiver at Cornell in the late '80s.
On Nov. 6, 1869, Princeton and Rutgers played the first college football game with RU claiming a 6-4 win.

Princeton fans calling for the Tigers and Scarlet Knights to play each other to celebrate the 150th anniversary of that historic game found their pleas falling on deaf ears and not because Rutgers wouldn't schedule an FCS team. You can bet it stuck in the craw of a lot of Princeton fans when they learned an FCS team from New Jersey was indeed going to play Rutgers but it was the state's only other FCS team. Monmouth, whose history in college football dates all the way back to 1993 (that's not a typo) will play at RU in 2020.

From a story (LINK):
It will be the first time Rutgers has played an in-state school since its last matchup with Princeton in 1980. Monmouth and Princeton will meet this September in what appears to be the first Division-1 game between in-state schools since that year. 
The Big Ten has relaxed its prohibition on member schools playing Football Championship Subdivision (formerly known as Division-1AA) programs. Teams are now permitted to schedule FCS opponents in seasons where they only have four conference home games. 
Rutgers has five conference games in 2020, but the league approved the FCS game since Rutgers will not play one in 2019 or 2021.
By the way, Monmouth is earning a $375,000 paycheck for the game.
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