Friday, August 24, 2018

Ivy League Football Starting Video Review This Fall

Love it or hate it, BGA has confirmed the Ivy League is at long last finally instituting official video review throughout the league this fall.

From a BGA Premium report earlier this week:
Although fans aren’t always happy with delays caused by official reviews, (Dartmouth coach Buddy) Teevens welcomes them. “I am a fan,” he said. “We’ve had a number of plays, as everyone has, that we weren’t happy about over the course of time. It’s nice to do what everybody else does.
“It may not be perfect the first time out but if a couple of calls can be corrected appropriately that’s a benefit to the game and the guys playing it.”
According to a story published last October in the New Haven Register after a controversial call in the Yale-Dartmouth game went against the Bulldogs, the Ivy League and the non-scholarship Pioneer Football League were the only two conferences in the nation still not using some form of replay in 2017. (Thanks for the link.)

At the conclusion of practice Thursday Dartmouth players gathered around the speakers at the sidelines for a "dance off." Among those showing off his moves was co-captain Matt Kaskey. Check out a quick video of the proceedings on the program's Instagram account by clicking HERE.

Green Alert Take: Another unnamed player who was spotted tapping his feet when Abba's "Dancing Queen" unaccountably interrupted the usual hip hop music wisely stayed on the sidelines.
Dartmouth is not practicing today but be sure to check BGA Premium tonight for an exclusive Q&A with onetime Big Green assistant (and Princeton head coach) Bob Casciola, whose book 1st and Forever: Making the Case for the Future of Football, comes out next week. Casciola shares memories of his time in Hanover and addresses the innovations Buddy Teevens has introduced to help make the game safer and ensure its future. Learn more about 1st and Forever HERE.