Monday, August 20, 2018

On Tap Today

The Ivy League's "Coaches Conversation" is to be posted on the league site today at 10 a.m., supposedly along with the preseason poll. Look for it HERE.

Green Alert Take: The Coaches Conversation is a nice idea but only TOGETHER WITH A MEDIA DAY, not in place of a media day. I still have a hard time understanding what the Ivy League was thinking when it decided not to hold a media day of any sort.

Find the Valley News coverage of the first day of Dartmouth football practice HERE.

From Hero Sports (LINK):
It appears there is a segment of the college football population that would like to see an HBCU-Ivy League football game according to a fan poll conducted by HBCU Sports last week.
Green Alert Take: I never saw the poll and would have voted "no" because a single postseason "bowl" game would have given the Ivy League presidents a little cover for their indefensible position of banning one sport from going on to play in the NCAA playoffs while every other sport is allowed to play for a championship.
And from the world of computerized reading:

Check out BGA Premium tonight for full coverage of the second day of Dartmouth preseason football  camp. They are slated to be on Blackman Fields at 1:30 (not 2:30 as noted earlier.)

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