Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Uhhhhh . . .

What I don't have for you after giving up 31 minutes and 26 seconds of my life to sit through this INFOMERCIAL is even one iota of information about a single player or team in the Ivy League heading into the 2018 football season.

Green Alert Take: The URL for the video (ivy-league-football-coaches-sit-down-for-preseason-primer) couldn't be more misleading. If this was supposed to be a replacement for the Ivy League media teleconference it was an abject failure.

Green Alert Take II: If the rest of the college football world thought the Ivy League was full of itself before, just wait until they see this.

Jake Novak over at the Roar Lions 2018 Columbia fan site authored a letter to Ivy League executive director Robin Harris after watching the infomercial. (LINK)
In the only football news to come out of the Ivy League office yesterday it released the 2018 media poll that came out like this:

1. Yale (11 first-place votes), 129 points
2. Princeton (3), 104
3. Harvard (1), 99
4T. Columbia (1), 76
4T. Penn (1), 76
6. Dartmouth, 65
7. Cornell, 37
8. Brown, 26

Find the Dartmouth release about the poll HERE.

Green Alert Take: In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a voter in the poll. And no, I didn't vote Dartmouth sixth. That's a head-scratcher for me.
STATS has its writeup and prediction for the Patriot League race and it has picked Dartmouth's two PL opponents last and next-to-last. (LINK)
Check out the Dartmouth football Instagram account HERE to see how a few Big Green players and a coach get over to Blackman Fields for practice. (Click the little arrow to see more of the pictures.)
What happens when you are too afraid to commit to an official mascot? You find media outlets declaring the totally unofficial mascot that you want nothing to do with as the best in show. And yes, we are talking about Keggy. (LINK)
UNH coach Sean McDonnell is that rare bird – an über successful FCS coach who has stayed at home. But he's not the rarest bird at his home. CLICK HERE to find out why. (Thanks to Mrs. BGA for the link.)