Monday, September 10, 2018

Game Week

The Ivy League seasons finally kicks off Friday when Brown plays at Cal Poly at 7 p.m. Pacific. The rest of the schedule takes place on Saturday:

San Diego at Harvard, Noon
Yale at Holy Cross, 1 p.m.
Georgetown at Dartmouth, 1:30 p.m.
Bucknell at Penn, 3 p.m.
Cornell at Delaware, 3:30 p.m.
Columbia at Central Connecticut, 5 p.m.
Princeton at Butler, 6 p.m.
STATS has a quick blurb about the Ivy League season starting this weekend with Princeton the last school in the country to play. (LINK)

BGA Take: Here's hoping there's no more highlighting the Ivy League being the last league in the country to start up. That is NOT something to be bragging about.
Here are the updated Sagarin ratings (last week in parentheses):
152 Yale (149)
162 Princeton (164)
176 Harvard (176)
189 Penn (190)
199 Dartmouth (200)
200 Columbia (202)
216 Cornell (220)
231 Brown (230)
Sagarin has ratings that can be used to create a spread on games. Here's what they suggest for this weekend, keeping in mind the numbers are computer generated:

Dartmouth favored by 16 over Georgetown
Penn favored by 16 over Bucknell
Princeton favored by 12 over Butler
Harvard favored by 10 over San Diego
Yale favored by 9 over Holy Cross
Columbia 2-point underdog against Central Connecticut
Brown 19-point underdog against Cal Poly
Cornell 23-point underdog against Delaware
Here's what the Massey Ratings predict with the same caveat as Sagarin:
Dartmouth 28, Georgetown 3
Penn 28, Bucknell 7
Princeton 38, Butler 24
San Diego 26, Harvard 20
Yale 30, Holy Cross 17
Columbia 24, Central Connecticut 21
Cal Poly 28, Brown 7
Delaware 30, Cornell 7
The Ivy League football record book is available HERE.

Dartmouth begins Game Week practice this afternoon at 4:15 (barring an adjustment). A reminder that the later start means postings on BGA Premium will go up later starting today. The goal is to have the site updated by 10:30 but it might be as late as 11.

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