Wednesday, June 12, 2019


First things first, and this has nothing to do with a Dartmouth bias. I'm going to boldface a couple of key words in what I'm about to write so they are impossible to miss:

Any news organization, website or blogger who names a preseason All-Ivy League football team and places Big Green linebacker Jack Traynor and Dartmouth defensive lineman Jackson Perry on the second team is absolutely clueless.

You have been warned.

That being said, something called College Football Network (which given that I can't find any description of who or what it is may well be that guy in his mother's basement) has named All-Ivy League first and second preseason teams.

First-Team Offense
QB: Jared Gerbino (Dartmouth)
RB: Aaron Shampklin (Harvard)
RB: Alan Lamar (Yale)
AP: Harold Coles (Cornell)
WR: Reed Klubnik (Yale)
WR: JP Shohfi (Yale)
TE: JJ Howland (Yale)
C: Alex Deters (Princeton)
OL: Reily Radosevich (Princeton)
OL: Liam Shanahan (Harvard)
OL: Dieter Eiselen (Yale)
OL: Sterling Strother (Yale)

Second-Team Offense
QB: Kurt Rawlings (Yale)

RB: Karekin Brooks (Penn)

RB: Zane Dudek (Yale)

AP: Collin Eaddy (Princeton)

WR: Livingstone Harriott (Brown)

WR: Ronald Smith (Columbia)

TE: Connor Rempel (Dartmouth)

C: Parker Coogan (Columbia)

OL: Phil Lynch (Brown)

OL: Jeff Gibbs (Penn)

OL: Greg Begnoche (Penn)

OL: Cameron Warfield (Yale)

First-Team Defense
DL: Daniel DeLorenzi (Columbia)
DL: Spencer Matthaei (Yale)
DL: Niko Lalos (Dartmouth)
DL: Joey DeMarco (Princeton)
LB: Jordan Hill (Harvard)
LB: Jeremiah Tyler (Princeton)
LB: Ryan Burke (Yale)
CB: Isiah Swann (Dartmouth)
CB: David Jones (Cornell)
S: TJ Floyd (Princeton)
S: Ryan Roegge (Dartmouth)
K: Jake McIntyre (Harvard)
P: Jon Sot (Harvard)
KR: Mike Roussos (Columbia)
PR: Mike Roussos (Columbia)

Second-Team Defense
DL: Michael Hoecht (Brown)
DL: Jackson Perry (Dartmouth)
DL: Jay Rolader (Princeton)
DL: Prince Emili (Penn)
LB: Jack Traynor (Dartmouth)
LB: Nigel Alexander (Dartmouth)
LB: Cameron Kline (Harvard)
CB: Conor O’Brien (Penn)
CB: Mohammed Diakite (Penn)
S: Rodney Thomas II (Yale)
S: Jacob Martin (Penn)
K: Nicolas Ramos (Princeton)
P: Drew Schmid (Columbia)
KR: David Jones (Cornell)
PR: Tiger Bech (Princeton

Green Alert Take: Where do I start? Maybe simply repeating what I said above. Absolutely clueless.

Green Alert Take II: I suspect that the party responsible for naming these teams learned only after posting the first teams that Traynor and Perry are going to be returning for their fifth years and with a little egg on the face surreptitiously slid them into the second team.

Green Alert Take III: I despise the term "fake news," but I'm tempted to use it here. And now I plead guilty to passing some of it along – just so I could go on a little rant.

Green Alert Take IV: Before I go, Hunter Hagdorn? David Chalmers?
Craig Haley of STATS adds to his collection of rankings a Tweet on leading teams in turnover margin from a year ago:

1. Southeast Missouri State: plus-1.85 per game
2. Dartmouth: plus-1.80
3. Princeton: plus-1.40
4. North Dakota State: plus-1.27
5. Colgate: plus-1.25

Green Alert Take: There sure is a strong correlation between turnover margin and success, huh?