Friday, June 14, 2019

Game Of The Year . . . Again

Once again huge thanks to Craig Haley over at STATS for another interesting tidbit. This time it's from his column headlined, Biggest conference games in 2019 FCS season.

Craig's choice for the Ivy League game of the year? It is – and should be – a slam dunk. From the column:
Biggest: Dartmouth vs. Princeton in New York (Nov. 9)
Apologies to Harvard-Yale, but last year's top teams - Princeton was 10-0 and Dartmouth 9-1 - are squaring off at Yankee Stadium just three days after the 150th anniversary of the first college football game between Princeton and Rutgers. 
Three More Big Games: Yale at Dartmouth (Oct. 12), Harvard at Princeton (Oct. 26) and Harvard at Yale (Nov. 23)
Green Alert Take: This may be sacrilege but I believe I'd pull the Harvard at Yale game off that list and replace it with Yale at Princeton on Nov. 16.
Haley, by the way, continues to pull up interesting stats from last fall. This time it's third-down conversion efficiency:

1. Davidson: 55.4
2. Princeton: 53.4
3. North Dakota State: 52.4
4. Yale: 51.4
5. Kennesaw 50.3

In case you were wondering, the Ivy League numbers looked like this:
1. Princeton 53.4
2. Yale 51.4
3. Dartmouth 43.5
4. Harvard 37.6
5. Cornell 34.7
6. Penn 32.6
7. Columbia 30.4
8. Brown  30.2

And shoot, as long as we're at it, here's the third down percentage defense numbers in the Ivies from last fall:
1. Harvard 27.0
2. Columbia 34.6
3. Yale 35.4
4. Princeton 37.0
5. Dartmouth 37.7
6. Penn 38.8
7. Brown  43.5
8. Cornell 44.1

Green Alert Take: Surprised? Me, too.
FootballScoop has an interesting column under the headline, The CFL has figured  instant replay out. How long until the NFL and CFB follow suit? (LINK)

The gist of the story is summarized in an excerpt from a CFL release explaining that reviews "will focus on only overturning calls or non-calls made on the field where a clear and obvious mistake has been made."

More from the release: "Simply put, you shouldn’t have to watch something several times, or watch at different speeds, if it is clear and obvious."

Green Alert Take: Bingo. If everyone watching the replay on the big screen at the stadium can see the call is wrong, reverse it. But if it's the kind of call where reasonable people can see it either way, don't bother with the back-and-forth and get on with the game. Read the CFL release HERE. Upon further review our friends north of the border got it right.