Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Kudos To The Ivy League

From an Ivy League release:
BRISTOL, Conn. -- The Ivy League has announced that the 2019 Ivy League Football Media Day will take place on Thursday, August 15, at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn., as a special session in conjunction with the yearlong celebration of college football’s 150th anniversary (CFB150).
The event will begin at 10 a.m. and will feature media availability from each of the League’s head coaches, as well as two student-athletes from each Ivy League program. Special topics will be discussed throughout the day, including ESPN and the Ivy League’s respective plans surrounding CFB150 and ESPN+, the subscription platform that is home to more than 1,100 Ivy League events annually.
A list of student-athlete attendees and a more detailed schedule, including guest speakers and additional programming, will be made available prior to the event. 
And . . .
The Ivy League’s preseason media poll will be announced a week prior to the 2019 Ivy League Football Media Day, at 10 a.m. on Thursday, August 8. ... 
At least six Ivy League football games will air on ESPN linear networks in each year of the 10-year agreement between the Ivy League and ESPN, including the historic Harvard-Yale game. The Ivy League’s linear television schedule for the 2019 football season will be announced at 10 a.m. on Monday, June 24.
Green Alert Take: Good for the Ivy League. For a number of years the Ivy League held a preseason media opportunity at the Yale Golf Course. The chance to play a top-level layout certainly helped draw media to the event. You would think the chance to get on the ESPN campus will be an even bigger draw this time around.

Green Alert Take II: While I didn't play golf at Yale the opportunity to glean information in person from every coach was reason enough to make the drive to New Haven every year. Here's hoping there's the same individual access to the coaches this year that there was in the past because it will make the information the media can provide to Ivy League fans that much more valuable.

Green Alert Take III: A year after the Ivy League took a huge step back by replacing a media opportunity with a canned video it is taking a huge step forward. The hope here is that this is not a one off and that – the ESPN piece aside – the Ivy League recognizes the value of making its coaches and players available to the media in the preseason and continues to do so in coming years.
Like Buddy Teevens, men's basketball coach Paul Cormier did two stints at Dartmouth. Per the Massachusetts Daily Collegian he has joined the UMass men's basketball program as a "special advisor." While an Ivy League championship narrowly eluded him in his first go-around in Hanover, Cormier recruited and coached two NBA players at Dartmouth (Walter Palmer and James Blackwell) in addition to the school's all-time leading scorer (Jim Barton).
As long as we're veering a bit away from football Dartmouth's outsized role in the development of personal computing has been recognized with a road-side sign as detailed in a story sent along by a loyal BGA reader. (LINK)