Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday Newsday

Dartmouth's sports publicity office (nee sports information) has a posting about the three football games that will be available on ESPN this fall HERE.
I had to laugh yesterday as email delivered messages from BGA readers commenting on the Ivy League release about the games reading (italics are mine):
For the second-straight year, the League will conclude its schedule with a quartet of regional rivalry games: Dartmouth at Brown, Columbia at Cornell, Princeton at Penn and Harvard at Yale. Regional rivalry weekend will also signal the conclusion of the League’s yearlong celebration of college football’s 150th anniversary (CFB150).
Green Alert Take: As one emailer noted, that Dartmouth-Brown game is a HUGE regional rivalry ;-)

Green Alert Take II: At the risk of getting a little political, I suppose we are in an era when if you repeat something enough times you can convince people something is true, right? Not this time. Dartmouth-Brown is not a regional rivalry. The plain truth, with apologies to all the "gingers" out there, is that Dartmouth-Brown is the redheaded stepchild of the "regional rivalry" scheduling change.

I always worry a little when websites like Hero Sports that try to cover the entire FCS jump into the Ivy waters with team previews. That said, Hero has done a better job than some this time around.

Hero is in the midst of its Ivy League series and just posted its Dartmouth outlook under the headline, Dartmouth Football Has Star Power Returning HERE. From Hero's bottom line:
This conference will be competitive once again and the talent remains for Dartmouth to be a Top 3 team. If this team wants to win another Ivy League title, though, new starters need to step up to keep the defense strong and the offensive line needs to gel and perform at a high level.
Already in the can are Hero previews of:

And out-of-league, Colgate.
Former Dartmouth football captain Mike Rabil shows up in a Ringer story about the new Premier Lacrosse League he's helped his lacrosse-famous brother Paul start up. (LINK)