Saturday, June 29, 2019

Very Interesting

CLICK HERE for Buddy Teeven's Manning Passing Academy bio.

It's a quiet day on the BGA Daily front although a throw-away line at the end of a New Orleans Advocate story about the Manning Passing Academy that wraps up with a look at Buddy Teevens' coaching career will raise a few eyebrows. From the story:
At 62, Teevens isn't ready to call it quits. He recently signed a contract extension.
Green Alert Take: Don't look for any updates or confirmation about that here or anywhere. Dartmouth is notoriously tight-lipped about contract details with the only time I can recall the college commenting on contracts being when football coach Joe Yukica was fighting for another year (LINK).

Green Alert Take II: While Dartmouth and its coaches play contract stuff close to the vest in today's world potential recruits and their parents want to know if a coach is going to be there all four years when they are making a decision about a school. As youthful and energetic as Teevens is, it's not unreasonable to think the question does come up.
Speaking of the Manning Passing Academy, Teevens and his onetime Dartmouth assistant Jeff "Hawk" Hawkins get a quick mention in a Daily Comet story HERE.
Teevens is getting a brief look at a quarterback he will see this fall with Colgate's Grant Breneman joining Dartmouth's Jared Gerbino at the MPA. There's a Q&A with Breneman about his experiences in Louisiana in the Oneida Dispatch HERE.