Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Remember Him?

Cortez Hankton, who got his coaching start at Dartmouth, has added passing game coordinator to his responsibilities as wide receivers coach at Georgia. That should surprise no one who got to know the rising star in coaching while he was in Hanover.  From Dawgs247:
It didn't take Cortez Hankton long to make his mark at Georgia and a recent video released by the program may shed some light on what that's the case. The second-year wide receivers coach and first-year passing game coordinator discusses his love for the game of football where he shares what it is that made him fall for the sport.
And . . .
At season's end, Hankton received a hefty raise and a promotion to passing game coordinator after helping the Bulldogs sign two four-star prospects and one five-star in the 2019 class. 
Here's the video:
The Twitter site @ivyfootballnews has been largely dormant this summer although it has had a few mentions of the Ivy League's ban on going to the FCS playoffs. (LINK)

A couple of posts on that site included a Tweet sent to Craig Haley, who heads up the FCS area of STATS. It elicited this response from him:
Some say Ivy League football teams shouldn't be in the national rankings because the champ isn't sent to the FCS playoffs. Sorry, but they belong. Many Ivy teams are stronger than other FCS. It's the Ivy presidents who keep teams out of the playoffs, not the people in football.
Green Alert Take: Craig's comment is spot on. Ivy League football will never get the respect it deserves until it is allowed to make a mark in the playoffs – which it can do if allowed.

Green Alert Take II: I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Ivy League ban on playoff participation for one and only one sport is indefensible. If the Ivy presidents are ever forced to explain their stance in this era of equal opportunity they will fail miserably and they know it. The right, smart, directed PR campaign that goes viral would lead to change. Remember how a certain varsity program was saved after it was put up for bid on eBay? You read it here. The right approach to the football ban will result in change.