Friday, August 30, 2019

Tough Start For Week One Opponent

Dartmouth's Week One opponent struggled in its 2019 opener last night at a CAA opponent.

Richmond jumped out to a 38-6 lead through three quarters and cruised to a 38-19 win over the Dolphins Thursday night. The Spiders outgunned Jacksonville, 476 yards to 281, had a 23-11 advantage in first downs and limited dual-threat quarterback Calvin Turner Jr., to 32 yards rushing on 20 carries. Turner completed 4-of-8 passes for 65 yards. (LINK)

Green Alert Take: One of the primary goals Jacksonville had this year was to improve its defense after surrendering 38.7 points per game last year. Not sure a .7 improvement is what they were looking for.

Green Alert Take II: On the other hand, that was against Richmond not Valpo (which pierced them for 48 last fall).
There has been some speculation that given Princeton's role in the 150th anniversary of college football that ESPN's GameDay might set up shop at the Princeton-Dartmouth game at Yankee Stadium on Nov. 9.

FootballScoop thinks Lee and Herbie and the gang might actually do a Princeton game. Just not the Dartmouth-Princeton game. This story suggests they might take in the Tigers the next week. From the Scoop:
(T)he game’s 150th birthday is 10 days prior. In the semi-annual Off The Beaten Path week, why not return (close to) the game’s birthplace, to the site of the sport’s second-oldest rivalry, to celebrate the sport itself?
 From last night's BGA Premium posting:
The Big Green will not have an official practice Friday, a break from the preseason schedules of the past.
“We haven’t done it like this before,” explained Teevens. “In the past we just ran right through, 10 or 12 days in a row at the start. I think this is a little bit more rational. Hopefully it benefits them. I expect a sharp, sharp practice on Saturday.”
While there will be no on-field work, the players won’t be without football responsibilities.
“We will meet in the morning,” Teevens said. “Special teams meetings, positional meetings, unit meetings. Then we’ll break for lunch.
“In the afternoon there are some things for the younger guys, orientation and indoctrination to some of the things here at Dartmouth. The older guys have a chance to come down and watch some tape on their own. Or they can do some rehab. Stuff to kind of recover their body a little bit.”
While there won't be a practice today there will be new content on BGA Premium tonight, as there is every night through the season. It will be something a little different.