Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Big Green Alum Having An Impact In Modern Football

Slowed by injury, running back Ryan Paganetti '14 didn't have much of an impact on the Big Green football before leaving the program. As it turns out he's had a significant impact on another team that wears green.

From an ESPN story about the role analytics plays with the Philadelphia Eagles and how it helped coach Doug Pederson make the call that sparked the team to the Super Bowl LII championship (LINK):
Paganetti clicked into Pederson's headset prior to the Eagles' third-and-goal play against the New England Patriots, a source said, and told him: if we get to fourth down, the light is green.
Pederson took the recommendation and dialed up the reverse quarterback throwback on fourth down. Touchdown, Eagles. Philadelphia took a 10-point lead into the half, and the rest is history.
In addition to his analytics responsibilities, Paganetti is an assistant linebackers coach in Philly. Find his Eagles bio HERE.

Find his Dartmouth bio HERE.
The local Valley News has a notes column that begins with a look at exciting freshman wide receiver Jamal Cooney HERE. The 5-foot-9, 150-pound Cooney's Dartmouth bio is HERE.
Harvard has been the biggest loser among Ivy League teams in latest Sagarin Ratings, dropping eight spots since the start of the current football season. Colgate has had the bottom fall out after two losses, going from rubbing elbows with Princeton and Dartmouth to sitting between Columbia and Cornell.

There are 256 teams rated with Dartmouth opening-day foe Jacksonville at 253 and fellow Big Green opponent Marist at 254. Bringing up the rear is Valparaiso. Dartmouth is slated to start a home and home with the Crusaders in 2021.

Here's the latest Sagarin rating for Ivy League teams and Dartmouth opponents. The number in parentheses is the preseason rating:

114 Princeton (116)
137 Dartmouth (139)
150 Yale (153)
158 Harvard (150)
190 Penn (189)
200 Columbia (199)
215 Cornell (212)
230 Brown (232)

207 Colgate (147)
253 Jacksonville (252)
254 Marist (243)

Green Alert Take: I've written this before but the Sagarin Ratings remind me of our old GPS. It would start out telling us we had an extra 20 minutes to get home but as we headed down our dirt road in the final 1.5 miles it would start shaving minutes off our arrival time in pretty quick fashion. By the time we were a quarter mile from home it would be taking a minute off every few seconds. Then voilá, our arrival time would be perfect when we pulled into the driveway. Like our GPS, Sagarin starts off with a rough estimate and miracle of miracles, by the final game of the season it gets it right.
The Big Green will be on the practice field at 2 p.m. today and hold its Green-White scrimmage tomorrow at 10 a.m. Check BGA Premium tonight for practice coverage as well as the first in a three-part look at how the freshman class is progressing.

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