Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday, Monday

The Valley News takes a look back at the life of Dartmouth football super fan Winnie Stearns HERE.
From the Dartmouth football office after Colgate:

The Dartmouth has a story about the Big Green win over the Raiders HERE.
Here are the updated Sagarin ratings. As usual, last week's rating is in parentheses:

110 Princeton (110)
130 Dartmouth (141)
151 Yale (143)
166 Harvard (179)
181 Penn (185)
198 Columbia (186)
213 Cornell (215)
238 Brown (230)

197 Colgate (189)
249 Jacksonville (252)
250 Marist (251)

256 teams are rated, with Valparaiso last.

Sagarin has Dartmouth as a 9-point favorite over Penn this week. Princeton is a 22-point favorite over Columbia per Sagarin in the only other conference matchup this week.
Massey has Dartmouth winning at Penn, 28-10, with 89 percent confidence.

So far Massey has been spot-on with the Big Green. It had Dartmouth beating Colgate, 28-7, with 92 percent confidence (the final was 38-3). Massey had the Big Green defeating Jacksonville, 45-7 (the final was 35-6).

Elsewhere, Massey sees:

Princeton 42, Columbia 18 (94 percent confidence)
Holy Cross 26, Brown  17 (75 percent)
Cornell 20, Georgetown 13 (69 percent)
Harvard 41, Howard 16 (95 percent)
Yale 35, Fordham 12 (93 percent)

San Diego 42, Marist 17 (95 percent)
Dayton 44, Jacksonville 25 (90 percent)
Colgate  24, Lehigh 7 (88 percent)
There's quite the debate going on over at the Any Given Saturday message board under the headline, Making a case AGAINST the Ivy. (LINK)

Essentially the thread is a referendum on Ivy League teams and their place in the national polls.

Green Alert Take: To quote the old commercial, "Stop, you're both right." The top Ivy League teams absolutely belong in the rankings. Just take a look at how many Ivy players are in the NFL now and how the Ivies have fared in those rare instances when they actually do play some of the better FCS teams. But it's also true that the Ivy League nonconference schedules in general are way too easy. It looked as if Dartmouth would have a chance to affect that conversation this year with Colgate on the docket but the winless Raiders appear to have fallen off a cliff and slid back into the Patriot League pack.
Heading into Week Three of the season and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, and the Ivy League football record book is still moribund.

Green Alert Take: Sorry, but this is unacceptable. Having worked in the Ivy League on the sports information side I understand there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done and how arduous updating the Ivy football record surely is. There used to be an all sports Ivy League record book that was updated only every five (?) years and perhaps that should be the case with the football record book. I've advocated for this before but maybe the time has come to finally turn the record book into a real media guide and include individual and league-wide schedules, updated rosters, coach bios, an outlook for each team, all-time standings and stadium/travel information and then call it a day. With a little help from the individual sports information offices that tremendously more-useful publication could be finished by mid-summer and contribute to getting the word out about Ivy League football.