Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Talking Jacksonville

The Dartmouth opener at Jacksonville Saturday will be streamed live on ESPN+. Subscribers to the ESPN service can access the game at this LINK.

Jacksonville is 1-1 with a 38-19 loss at Richmond in its opener and a 30-20 win at Presbyterian last Saturday. Prior to the start of the season there was optimism in the Dolphins' camp as this video featuring head coach Ian Shields and quarterback Calvin Turner Jr., attests:

The Massey college football rating system has Dartmouth defeating Jacksonville Saturday, 45-7, with 100 percent certainty. (LINK)

Green Alert Take: This reminds me of the weather forecasts that predict 100 percent chance of rain. I'm sorry, but if it's truly 100 percent there's no chance involved. As for the football game there's always a chance and so the 100 percent thing doesn't work for me.

Elsewhere in the Ivy League, Massey sees:

Brown  34, Bryant (68 percent certainty)
Columbia 24, Saint Francis 14 (77 percent)
Cornell 29, Marist 14 (84 percent)
Harvard 35, San Diego 28 (67 percent)
Delaware 24, Penn 14 (78 percent)
Princeton 52, Butler 7 (100 percent)
Yale 33, Holy Cross 21 (79 percent)

Green Alert Take: OK, with Butler losing at NAIA Taylor University and being taken to overtime by NAIA Indiana Wesleyan, I'll buy 99.9 percent on Princeton. But I'm not buying that 100 percent as temping as it might be. Always, always leave yourself an out ;-)

Interestingly, while the Massey single-game prediction is listed at 45-7 Dartmouth, that score doesn't come up in Massey's seven-game matchup simulation between the Big Green and Jacksonville (LINK):