Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Homecoming Or Dartmouth Night?

The prominence of the word Homecoming on this T-shirt offered by the Co-op would not have been received well by a certain Dartmouth alum. He reminded us in the sports information office years ago, and in no uncertain terms, that this weekend is to be referred to as Dartmouth Night and most assuredly not as homecoming because at Dartmouth alumni are always welcome home. The shirt is available HERE.

Times have changed with the official Dartmouth website producing this highlight video of last year's Homecoming:

For more information on what is happening this weekend, CLICK HERE.
Former Dartmouth defensive lineman Nick Tomkins '18 is one of two Ivy Leaguers in the first released XFL Draft Pool. Former Columbia punter Cameron Nizialek is the other. The XFL player draft for the 2020 season will be held Oct. 15-16.

Tomkins played last season in France. Check out a Q&A with him about that experience HERE.
Along with a video about a player heading to Harvard next fall a Georgia TV station has a posting under the headline Georgians on rosters of Ivy League schools. From that page (LINK):
There are 58 former Georgia high school football players on rosters of Ivy League schools this season. Westminster, with five, has the most among Georgia schools. Buford and Walton have four each. The states with the most are California (82), Florida (74), New Jersey (73), Texas (60), Georgia (58), Massachusetts (54), Pennsylvania (54) and New York (43). 
Listed from Dartmouth:
DB D.J. Avery, Douglas County
LB Caleb Martin, Wayne County
DL Mick Reese, Buford
DB Ryan Roegge, Walton
DT Seth Simmer, Harrison
LB Patrick Wright, Walker
This seems a little sketchy and it may not be up there much longer, but the full Dartmouth-Penn game from Friday night can be watched on YouTube at this LINK. (I just tried it and it's working fine . . . for now.)
The Offshore Wise Guys are a little late getting their odds up this week. Worried about that Dartmouth-Yale game are they? As of 9 a.m. they had just two FCS games listed with Princeton a 29-point favorite over Lafayette one of them.

Rather than wait on the rest, how about a look back at what the OWG had for last week and how it turned out?

Dartmouth was a 14.5-point favorite at Penn and won by 13.
Princeton was a 21-point favorite at home against Columbia and won by 11.
Brown was a 14.5-point underdog at home against Rhode Island and lost by three.
Cornell was a 4.5-point favorite at home against Georgetown and lost by six.
Harvard was a 24.5-point favorite at home against Howard and won by 45.
Yale was an 18.5-point favorite at home against Fordham and won by 24.

Colgate was an 8.5-point favorite at home against Lehigh and lost by seven.
Jacksonville was a 19-point underdog at Dayton and lost by 28.
Marist was a 24.5-point underdog at San Diego and lost by 24.