Monday, October 21, 2019

Monday News Grab

A head-spinning look at the Marist game from the Dartmouth football office:

The Dartmouth writes about the Big Green's runaway win over Marist HERE. From the story:
“We can hurt teams in many different ways,” (wide receiver Drew) Estrada said. “When you have guys that can run the ball, catch the ball and throw the ball like that, it just makes it harder for the opposition to game-plan each week.”
Craig Haley's piece on the STATS site under the headline 10 takeaways from FCS Week 8 includes the outtake below. (Italics are mine.) LINK
Collision course I? They're both rolling at 5-0 and if they avoid getting picked off over the next two weeks, No. 17 Princeton and No. 21 Dartmouth will meet in a battle of unbeatens on Nov. 9 at Yankee Stadium. Princeton scored 51 first-half points and Kevin Davidson finished with five touchdown passes in a 65-22 whipping of Brown - the most points ever scored against the Bears and the Tigers' 15th straight win. Dartmouth may have an even more-complete team than the Tigers, making it 17 wins in the last 18 games with a 49-7 rout of Marist. Incredibly, the Big Green have outscored opponents 77-0 in the first quarter and allowed only 13 points in the first three quarters.
From a column in the Daily Pennsylvanian after the Quakers were humbled by Columbia, which visits Dartmouth Friday night:
Penn football has 18 Ivy League titles, tied for the most with Dartmouth. They will not win a 19th this season.
Columbia defeated Penn, 44-6.

Sagarin ratings with last week's rating in parentheses:
114 Princeton (123)
116 Dartmouth (115)
151 Harvard (157)
156 Yale (150)
180 Columbia (199)
193 Penn (181)
222 Cornell (219)
237 Brown (235)

224 Colgate (225)
247 Marist (248)
252 Jacksonville (250)

256 teams are rated with Delaware State last.

Sagarin has Dartmouth as an 18-point favorite over Columbia this week. He has Princeton a 12-point favorite over Harvard in New Jersey, Yale a 12-point pick over Penn in New Haven, and Cornell a 10.5-point favorite at home over Brown. Check in tomorrow to see what the Offshore Wise Guys think.
No fewer than six teams ranked above No 21 Dartmouth in the STATS Top-25 poll lost last week, including No. 19. Youngstown State and No. 20 Austin Peay. Where will the Big Green be ranked this week? Check back later today to find out.
I have it on good authority that the updated Ivy League football media guide, which is most assuredly a record book and most certainly not a media guide, will be posted before long. That said, it's an embarrassment that we are heading into Week Six of the Ivy League season and the Ivy League record book link still points to last year's edition. Sorry to those working on it, but that's the way it is.

Green Alert Take: Is it possible the lack of attention paid to something titled Ivy League Football Media Guide is a reflection of the conference office's opinion about the sport? You can understand why people around the country who hit that link might think so.
A Marist follow and the Sunday Six Pack went up on BGA Premium last night. Tonight The Optimist and The Pessimist will battle it out. There will also be a story about a rare Monday practice, something that happens only in advance of a Friday night game.